Miguel Garcia, Avery Dennison BDM Wine & Spirits

“In ‘No Limits to your Creativity’ the conversations are charged with innovation”.

Avery Dennison, a company specialising in materials science and the design and manufacture of labelling materials, was one of the sponsors of the fifth edition of ‘No Limits to your Creativity’. Its BDM Wine & Spirits, Miguel García, talked to us about the importance of this event as a meeting point between industry and designers.


As sponsors of ‘Sin Límites a tu Creatividad’, what do you think is the most important thing that you bring to graphic designers with the celebration of this event?

Above all, dialogue, showing that we are a company that likes to be involved in projects, not only accompanying, but also contributing. Also to see some new products, and above all to talk and to show them that we are a supplier that contributes.

And what do these days of direct contact with high-level design professionals bring you?

Firstly, to see ourselves in a different context to the day-to-day. This brings us relaxation and it is when people talk about the human and the divine, about design and about life.

Is ‘No Limits to your Creativity’ a meeting point where you can spot upcoming trends in packaging and labelling?

Being outside the typical scenario of interaction with agencies, you can talk about projects or ideas that you don’t have time to talk about on a day-to-day basis, and these conversations are always full of innovation and ideas that are much more ‘out of the box’, to be honest.