Paco Adín, Creative Director of Supperstudio

“We need to be up to date with materials and finishes to be able to design responsibly and sustainably”.

The designers who attend every year the event ‘Sin Límites a tu Creatividad’, organised by Grupo Argraf, enjoy the opportunity to exchange ideas with other colleagues, as well as with professionals from the labelling industry. Paco Adín, Creative Director and partner at Supperstudio, has become a regular at the event, and tells us about his experience of the last edition in this interview.


What does the event ‘Sin Límites a tu Creatividad de grupo Argraf’ give you on a creative and professional level?

I think it brings us a lot. Apart from knowledge, I think it is very good that we exchange a lot of opinions, we do networking… I think that is the point, these last years we all wait for the Argraf event to meet again and to be able to connect also the creative part with the industry, the production, the labels, the papers, capsules, finishes, stamping… We are seeing and knowing new things, exchanging opinions, and I think that is very good for all of us.

After these two days of networking with other professionals, what do you think is the next big challenge in label design?

The great challenge in label design and production is to strike a balance with the much-talked-about sustainability. I think we have to design responsibly, and we have to know the materials, finishes, etc. to be able to design responsibly. This is the great challenge for label design and for society and packaging in general.

What do you think has been the best moment of this 5th edition of ‘Sin Límites a tu Creatividad’?

That’s yet to come! I don’t think you’ve ever had the best moment, neither here nor in life in general. The best moment is always yet to come. If we are in the middle of the event, I always hope that the best moment will be ‘later’.

Sum up the event ‘No Limits to your creativity’ in three words’.

Knowledge, relationships and entertainment.

How do you imagine the labels of the future?

There are two currents here. There are many people who think that the packaging of the future is ‘no packaging’. I think we will never be able to rule that out, but I imagine a label that balances communication, marketing and seduction very well, because in the end we need to seduce customers with labels and packaging, but with a responsible point of view.

How can sharing your experience with professionals in the label printing sector improve your work?

At the end of the day, this type of event is very good for sharing. We share experiences, realities, we agree on some things and disagree on others, but we learn a lot. This kind of thing is good for all of us, from the industry, material production, as well as for us, as designers and as creatives, to know what we can do and where we shouldn’t put the limits to our creativity, which is why we come here.