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Grupo Argraf, a leader in the printing of wine and cava labels, stands out for its extensive experience in graphic arts. We offer high-quality printing complemented by expert advice in both label creation and design. Our ability to dress products with unique labels positions us as a preferred choice in the sector, supporting our clients from conceptualization to the final product.

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and finishes

The quality Argraf offers in its labels and printing is not only based on the professionalism and ability of its technical personnel but also on its advanced technology and manufacturing capacity.

CMYK printing, Offset printing, Screen printing, Spot varnish, Glitter, Blind embossing, Lamination, Embossing, Registered emboss, Debossing, CNC embossing, Screen embossing, Stamping, Holographic stamping, Die cutting.

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on labelling

The label is the ‘dressing’ for each product. It is essential for packaged products, because the occasions when the package allows you to see the product are rare. It is the label that provides the information on it, while communicating a brand and company image at the same time.

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to designers

In Argraf we are proud that 70 per cent of our clients not only ask us to do the printing but also the design of their labels. The proven quality of our team of designers, some of them with over 20 years’ experience, constitutes a creative and technical guarantee that hardly has any competitors in the food product labelling market. They bring a differentiated style and an own identity to each label.