Facilities and technology

Grupo Argraf has a 10,000-square-metre facility in the town of Oyón (province of Álava), 3 kilometres from Logroño in the heart of one of the most important winemaking regions in the world, La Rioja.

Distributed in several buildings, our facilities house 20 printing machines with 102 units and 18 stamping/finishing machines, operated by a workforce of 80 people. The site also contains large storage and deposit areas, a loading zone, offices, desing areas, etc.

In total, Grupo Argraf employs over 140 people, most of them highly-qualified in their respective areas of expertise. Our spacious facilities allow us to deal with ever higher demand for our services.

Cutting-edge technology in Graphic Arts

The leadership of Grupo Argraf is mainly based on its strong and constant investment in R&D+i, thanks to which it has always been in the vanguard of the latest printing, stamping and finishing techniques, offering state-of-the-art services, top quality and the most innovative designs for our clients.

Argraf’s desing and printing potential can be seen by taking a look at the machinery and the teams working in the main sections of the company.

Grupo Argraf had pioneered the implementation of the most modern digital systems in Spain to facilitate the creative and pre-printing processes.

Plano de las instalaciones

Management Area

We are currently in the process of implementing a new system to speed up the processing of quotations and orders and the manufacture and shipping of our products. It will also improve transparency and information vis-à-vis our clients.

Web printing area

2 web offset printing machines

10 web flexographic printing machines

1 digital web printing machine

Most of our flexographic printing machines offer several inline finishes, for example, lamination, cold stamping, hot stamping, silk screening and the lamination of two materials to make a single label.

One of them is an OMET with 10 flexographic printing units and a powerful hot stamping and embossing unit, making it one of the most complete finishing machines in Spain.

Subsection of web finishes

3 stamping and embossing machines.
3 stamping, embossing and silk screening machines.

With this pool of finishing machines, we can carry out the most complete finishes required by our clients in a single pass, thus reducing product delivery times.

Flat printing area

Large format 8-colour Speed Master machine, with a finish tower using acrylic varnish or UVI.

Large format 8-colour Speed Master machine.

8-colour Speed Master machine for UVI offset inks.

2-colour Speed Master machine.

Flat finish sub-section

2 BOBST stamping and embossing machines.
Guillotines, die cutters, drills and typesetting machines.