Impresión de etiqueta y packaging de vino 24 mozas

Advice to designers

In Argraf we are proud that 70 per cent of our clients not only ask us to do the printing but also the design of their labels. The proven quality of our team of designers, some of them with over 20 years’ experience, constitutes a creative and technical guarantee that hardly has any competitors in the food product labelling market. They bring a differentiated style and an own identity to each label.

Advice on finishes and label design in our creative department

Furthermore, our comprehensive databases contain historical data on labels, enabling us to analyse the evolution of designs within a brand or product segment, evaluate the possible combinations of already known elements and study new creative approaches in line with fashion trends and the possibilities offered by new stamping and finishing techniques.

More than 1,800 new labels are designed every year in Argraf, helping our customers to conquer their markets, and many others are renewed depending on the marketing needs of companies or legislative requirements in terms of required information. All this is the result of our continuous efforts to be up-to-date in information, trends and research.

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