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The label is the ‘dressing’ for each product. It is essential for packaged products, because the occasions when the package allows you to see the product are rare. It is the label that provides the information on it, while communicating a brand and company image at the same time.

The design of the label, while contributing to brand image, strengthens the buyer’s or consumer’s perception of certain features of the product. This is usually a subconscious process through colour, shapes, lines, etc. and the psychological and cultural connotations involved.

“The label fulfils two functions: it gives information on the product and communicates the brand/company image”

In the case of a bottle of wine, the importance of the label is much greater, because the two essential functions mentioned above have a much greater weight when it comes to presenting the wine. First, it shows the basic information and the main data about the wine and the winery. It identifies the product with its brand, showing who created it and differentiating it from other bottles to make it unique in the market. Second, the label contributes a design and an image that makes the bottle attractive to the consumer at first sight, helping him/her to prefer it over others. Over time, the label is the factor that best symbolises and represents the image of a winery. In this respect, the label is the meeting point that links a company’s image and the consumer’s memory.

“In the world of wine, a good part of the consumer’s choice is based on the bottle’s appearance”

Argraf’s success in making labels, especially for wine, is undisputed. In Spain almost all the major wineries, and the immense majority of the rest, currently work with Argraf. Many of the leading Spanish food brands have created their labels in our company. Being a leader in these segments is the result of efficient, high-quality work done on a constant basis over many years. This approach has helped us to gain the solid and lasting trust of our clients.

Argraf is the biggest Spanish manufacturer of labels for wine. It is present in almost all the Designations of Origin with over 1,000 million bottles a year bearing its labels. As well as wines, we also produce labels for canned vegetables, fish, spirits, oils, vinegars, chocolates, cheese, water, soft drinks… Overall, more than 2,300 million food and drink packagings per year.

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