Carles Anadón is an illustrator and project manager at Seriesnemo, a multidisciplinary studio dedicated to branding, packaging and product design that has won numerous awards throughout its history.

Carles was one of the designers invited to the 5th edition of ‘No Limits to your Creativity’, and we took the opportunity to chat with him about the event and his point of view on how designers and printers should collaborate to achieve the best results in the creation of new labels.

Entrevista a Carles Anadón: “Habría que dejar intervenir al impresor desde el inicio de cada proyecto”

What did the event ‘Sin Límites a tu Creatividad de grupo Argraf’ give you on a creative and professional level?

On the first day, above all the contact with the community. I was very interested in listening to Marcos Malumbres and the topic he was talking about. On the second day, which focuses more on interacting with each other, it will help us to connect better with our colleagues in the sector, who are sometimes a bit isolated from each other and don’t communicate. And so we become a bit more of a tribe.

After these two days of connecting with other professionals, what do you think is the next big challenge in label design?

Labels for us are not just the basis of our business. We really believe it’s a way to solve sometimes a project. We don’t consider that in our studio we design ‘just labels’, but I would consider it more of a challenge for people who print labels. In materials especially there is one demand that is on the table which is sustainability, and possibly there will be another demand about with small quantities, something to do with much more limited series.

Sum up the event ‘No Limits to your creativity’ in three words’.

It’s an event for the collective (of designers), to strengthen ties and refresh concepts on an industrial level.

How do you imagine the labels of the future?

No idea! We don’t think about it too much, we leave that to the (printing) professionals, but flexibility may be the key.

How can sharing your experience with professionals in the label printing industry enhance your work?

I really enjoy getting in touch with printers. One complaint I always have with clients is that they don’t let the printer be involved at the beginning of the project. They get into a price battle at the end, and that sometimes distorts the project. I always say that every printer can arrive at the same solution in different ways, and if we budgeted projects in this way, the result would probably be better.