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At Grupo Argraf, we offer a comprehensive service in labeling consultation.

The label is the ‘dress’ of any product, being essential for those that are packaged, as rarely the packaging allows to see the product: it is the label that offers information about the same, while transmitting a brand and company image.

The label design, while contributing to the brand image, reinforces the perception of certain subjective attributes by the buyer or consumer, usually semi-consciously through the use of color, shapes, lines, etc., and the psychological and cultural connotations they entail.

‘The label has two functions: to inform about the product and to convey the brand/company image’

In the case of a wine bottle, the importance of the label is even greater, as the two main functions mentioned earlier carry much more weight when presenting the wine. First, it shows the basic information and main reference data of the wine and the winery. It identifies the product with its brand, showing its authorship, differentiating it from other bottles and making it unique in the market. Secondly, the label provides a design and an image that makes the bottle attractive at first glance to the consumer, who prefers it over others. Over time, the labels themselves become the symbols that best represent the image of a winery. In this sense, the label is the meeting point that unites the image of a company and the memory of the consumer.

‘In the world of wine, a significant part of the consumer’s choice is based on the appearance of the bottle’

Argraf’s success in label making, especially for wine, is undeniable. In Spain, virtually all major wineries and the vast majority of others currently work with Argraf. Many of the main Spanish food brands have created their labels in our company. Being leaders in this segment is the result of effective and high-quality work carried out over many years on a regular basis, which has earned us solid and lasting trust from our clients.

Argraf is the largest Spanish manufacturer of labels for wine, present in almost all denominations of origin, and dresses more than 1,000 million bottles a year in Spain. In addition to wines, we also label canned vegetables, fish, liquors, oils, vinegars, chocolates, cheeses, waters, soft drinks… In total, more than 2,300 million containers are labeled annually.

Printing and Finishes

High quality printing
Inks and Special Finishes
Custom Dies

The quality offered by Argraf in its labels and printing works is based not only on the professionalism and capacity of its technicians, but also on its advanced technology and manufacturing power.

Argraf boasts large facilities, spanning over 10,000 square meters, where it integrates different departments that complete the entire label manufacturing process: from the design and pre-press department, a pioneer in implementing digital systems adapted for creation and pre-press, to the areas of printing, stamping, and finishing.
‘Over 10,000 m2 of facilities where the entire label manufacturing process is integrated’

Argraf’s printing park features 29 offset printing units and 77 flexographic printing units. With this equipment, it is possible to produce all types of glue-applied or self-adhesive labels with high-quality printing and an ability to adapt to the needs of each winery.

Argraf is also a leader in unique finishes for labels, aimed at protecting, beautifying, and differentiating them. One of the standout features is the integration of different finishes in its own workshops: stamping, acrylic varnish, ultraviolet varnish, and die-cutting. For example, it has a stamping department with 8 high-technology machines, the largest in Spain. This allows for UVI finishes, laminated, machine varnished or acrylic, etc.

‘Argraf has 29 offset printing units and 77 flexographic printing units’

Argraf collaborates with its clients in solving labeling in its facilities, advising on papers, glues, and machine operations to improve the final presentation of the product.

‘Glue-applied or self-adhesive labels of the highest quality’
‘Integration of the most modern finishes in the workshop’
‘Stamping department capable of UVI finishes, laminated, machine varnished, or acrylic, etc.’

Consultation for Designers

From our pre-press department, we offer a support service for designers, guiding them on the application of various printing techniques and finishes.

The most creative part of developing a label for a specific product is the design. Design is the combination of various factors (colors, lines, drawings, icons, composition, texts…) that produce a subjective result, a positive perception in the observer, besides facilitating the conveyance of product information to the recipient.

At Argraf, we are proud that 70 percent of our clients entrust us not only with printing but also with the design of their labels. The proven quality of our team of authors, some with over 20 years of experience, is a guarantee of creativity and technique almost unrivaled in the food label market, giving each label a distinct style and its own identity.

‘Consultancy in finishes and label design in our creative department’
Furthermore, our extensive historical databases of labels allow us to analyze the evolution of designs within the same brand or product segment, evaluate possible combinations of already known elements, and explore new creative approaches in line with current fashion trends and the possibilities offered by new stampings and finishes.

More than 1,800 new labels are created each year at Argraf, assisting our clients in conquering their respective markets, and many others are updated based on the marketing needs of the companies or the requirements of information legislation. All of them are the product of our constant updates in information, trends, and research.