Grupo Argaraf patrocina Wine Land 2021

Continuous training, reflection and collaboration between the different agents that work for and with the wine sector is one of our hallmarks. For this reason, Grupo Argraf has decided to support the Wine Land 2021 International Oenology and Wine Tourism Forum by becoming one of its official sponsors.

Wine Land aims to open a space to analyse the needs and dominant trends in the fields of marketing and consumption, wine tourism and sustainability. It also aims to detect new opportunities and changes in business models and to share knowledge and successful experiences.

Some thirty speakers will take part in this event, organised by the Marketing Club of La Rioja on 29 and 30 November at Riojaforum, including Alberto Pérez, advisor to Grupo Argraf, who will give a talk entitled ‘From the covid crisis to a new crisis of supplies, transport…”.

Wine Land 2021’ will focus on the areas of sustainability and marketing in the post-pandemic era, with content in the form of master classes, panels, talks, interviews and presentations which, in addition to analysing new trends, will evaluate how they affect the market and to what extent they respond to changes in consumer behaviour.

The contents have been selected by a committee led by Pilar Molestina, for their relevance and taking into account those issues of interest and concern to the wine sector worldwide, and in Spain in particular.

The forum has an interesting programme, which can be consulted on the website, and which can be followed both online and in person with prior registration in both modalities.