Personal de gestión de Grupo Argraf

The fact that in the current situation a company is able to maintain investments in machinery worth 1.5 million euros is not the result of chance, but of foresight and a very clear vision: to always be at the forefront of technology.

Grupo Argraf is a consolidated and innovative company, but also prudent. For this reason, in 2020 we have managed to maintain the plan we had planned. We have shown that technological development is one of our priorities in order to differentiate ourselves and continue offering the most sophisticated labels on the market.

In March, we installed a mesh suction unit, which helps us to improve material flow, logistics within the plant and maintains cleanliness within the plant.

In addition, we have incorporated a second Miyakoshi UV offset semi-rotary press, the same model as the previous one, but with more features added to meet the particularities of the market (shorter runs, high quality requirements…) and others that the company has developed specifically for us, as we needed the most powerful model, with more printing width and speed, and to have the capacity for in-line finishing that is so in demand in our sector.

It is undeniable that the first few months of 2021 will see a significant drop, but the year will gradually improve.

In the end, everything passes. When normality arrives, Grupo Argraf has to be ready to continue operating perfectly. And we have a sufficient financial cushion to be able to deal with any contingency.

The future will be technological and sustainable, and although there are still some hard months to overcome the current situation, we are firmly confident that our commitment to people, innovation and maximum quality in all processes will help us to continue growing and maintaining our production excellence.

These 40 years of experience provide us with a “know-how”, which is essential to offer a perfect final result. A work that seeks excellence and the perfect balance between the advantages of technological development and the magic and essence of craftsmanship.

Photography: Infopack