The challenge of creating the label of the future

At Grupo Argraf we are committed to innovation. That’s why our creativity has no limits and if you can imagine it, we can give it shape. That’s why we agreed to take part in the second edition of the Make a Mark Project. Specifically, to create the EXOD label. EXOD is a reflection on the…



Grupo Argraf, committed to society and the environment

At Grupo Argraf we want to contribute positive value and leave a better world to our successors. That is why we have made a commitment to our society and the environment. We do not understand constant improvement and innovation if they are not accompanied by strong investments and a firm commitment to sustainability -we have…



Argraf participates in the XXII AIFEC Congress, held in Benidorm

Two years had passed since the last time that the member companies of AIFEC (Iberian Association of Continuous Label Manufacturers) were able to meet in person. After such a long time, last June, we finally did it again at our 22nd Congress which, under the title “New forms, new times, new opportunities”, brought together more…