Grupo Argaraf patrocina Wine Land 2021

Grupo Argraf sponsors the international forum Wine Land 2021

Continuous training, reflection and collaboration between the different agents that work for and with the wine sector is one of our hallmarks. For this reason, Grupo Argraf has decided to support the Wine Land 2021 International Oenology and Wine Tourism Forum by becoming one of its official sponsors. Wine Land aims to open a space…



Design and paper, the tandem that leads to success

Paper… What would have become of mankind if the Chinese eunuch Cai Lun, considered the inventor of paper, had not looked to the bark of trees to test and perfect the material that had hitherto been used to write documents. His invention, a material very similar to today’s paper, which was called “Cai paper”, was…


Grupo Argraf sponsor of the 4th edition of the EtiquetaNews Awards

Another year, and that makes four, Grupo Argraf continues to support graphic design students with our sponsorship of the EtiquetaNews Awards 2021 competition. A contest that aims to create new generations of graphic designers specialised in labels and packaging, and at the same time to promote them, as there are great opportunities in the market…


Impresión de etiquetas Grupo Argraf Tecnología

A constant commitment to technological investment, innovation and the talent of its team: the keys to Grupo Argraf’s success.

During the health emergency that we have experienced this year, it has been demonstrated that the Spanish packaging industry is an essential and indispensable sector. Its ongoing development and innovation is being strategic in relaunching the economic activity of all production and commercial sectors. In this way, the importance of packaging is being highlighted, as…


Impresion de etiquetas Grupo Argraf Premios Etiquetanews

Grupo Argraf continues to motivate design students with its sponsorship of Etiquetanews, the most relevant wine label competition in Europe.

Design student Daniel Álvarez Santín has won the third edition of the 2020 EtiquetaNews National Wine Label Competition. This contest, sponsored by Grupo Argraf since its first edition in 2018, is already considered the most relevant in Europe for graphic design students, due to its high levels of participation. This year, 410 Bachelor’s and Master’s…