argraf, Company

We have been working in the labelling sector for over 70 years, and during that time we become the leader in the Spanish wine labelling market. We want to keep growing, so we constantly invest in new technology.

With more than 2,500 bottles ‘dressed’ every year, Grupo Argraf is the leading company in Spain in wine bottle labelling. Always aspiring to grow, investment in new tecnology by Grupo Argraf is ongoing.

Our company focuses on the value contributed by the label, the main element in helping potential customers to make their choice. Our approach to value is based on quality, innovation and efficiency.

We have an entrepreneurial, innovative spirit and highly-qualified team, plus costant investment. These are the value on wich our company is based.


The origins of Argraf go back to 1939, when Lucio Torroba Andrés founded and started a graphic arts business that was the seed for the later Grupo Argraf.

Formally constituted in 1978, Argraf S.A. initually focused its production on the wine and spirits label sector, thanks to its strategic situation in the heart of the winemaking region of La Rioja.

In 1985 Argraf Ebro S.A. was created, a division of Grupo Argraf to cover the increasing demand for label for brands of other food products outside the world of wine, the main customers being food canning companies.

In 1989 the Group began an expansion process based, above all, on extending its facillities and a high level of ongoing investment in state-of-the-art technology. This is the process that has represented the greatest success of Grupo Argraf, as it has placed it at the head of new printing and labelling techniques, offering its clients exclusive services that no other supplier can provide in Spain. Ongoing investment in R&D+i is the key factor in the current, and undisputed, leadership of Argraf in the sector.



New generation of 5-colour machines.


Renewal of guillotines and auxiliary machinery.

Modernisation of the stamping section.

Computerisation of pre-printing.

Extension of the cutting and stamping sections.

New 6-colour printing machine.

Extension of the pre-printing section and renewal of our IT infrastructure.

Incorporation of up to 23 printing units.

Updating of the pre-printing section with a new imagesetter, storage disks and new computers. Fifth hot stamping machine.

New investments in printing equipment of almost 3 million euros. First 8-colour machine for labels in Spain. Argraf Autoadhesivos S.A. was set up. First 8-colour flexographic printing machine, plus a stamping and inspection machine.


Fifth hot stamping machine. Updating of guillotines.

New printing machine for stickers, stamping and inspection. Renewal of pre-printing equipment.

Argraf Autoadhesivos purchases new printing, stamping and inspection machines.

Argraf Autoadhesivos purchases its fourth printing machine.

Argraf Autoadhesivos purchases its fifth printing machine, incorporating CTP into pre-printing. Sixth hot stamping machine. Argraf becomes the biggest consumer of printing tape in Spain.

Argraf Autoadhesivos adds its sixth printing machine. Argraf purchases the most advanced 8-colour offset machine for the printing of labels. The facility is extended to cover 3,000 square metres, reaching a total of 10,000.

Argraf Autoadhesivos purchases its seventh printing machine.

Argraf Autoadhesivos purchases its eighth printing machine.

Argraf Autoadhesivos purchases its ninth printing machine.


Argraf Autoadhesivos purchases its tenth printing machine.

Argraf Autoadhesivos purchases its eleventh printing machine.

Grupo Argraf merges the three family companies to give rise to the fourth biggest label manufacturing group for food products in Spain, and leadership in the world of wine.

Grupo Argraf purchases two new silk screening and stamping machines.

Purchase of three new printing machines, plus another three for different finishes.

New OMET machine, with 10 flexographic printing units and one GIETZ flat stamping machine, as well as several inline finishes.


Acquisition of Redgraf in Catalonia and integration into Grupo Argraf’s structure.