Quality and environment

Grupo Argraf has developed and implemented an Environmental Quality Management System which, together with a quality policy that identifies and defines responsibilities, procedures, processes, courses, etc. to ensure that the results of our processes, and the management of the environmental aspects associated with them, lead to safe and legal products that satisfy our clients’ needs and those of the environment we operate in.

By ‘client’ we mean any user or receiver of our products and work, both outside and inside Grupo Argraf. We always aim to deliver a well-made product.

The overriding basic guidelines governing our Quality and Environment Policy can be summarised in the principles listed below:

– Our clients are the raison d’être of our work. We know their needs and expectations, to be able to satisfy them.

– Through efficient management, we control and reduce our negative environmental impacts, paying special attention to the terms of our Emergency Plan and to the consumption of water and energy, with particular sensitivity to the environment we operate in.

– We work hard to prevent errors, and control any that do occur in an effective manner. We are also committed to preventing environmental pollution arising from our activities.

– By careful planning and monitoring, we orientate our organisation towards continuous improvement in the quality and safety of our products, and also in the prevention and reduction of pollution. This planning and monitoring system is based on setting and reviewing objectives, with constant feedback.

– To achieve the highest levels of quality and health safety, and to minimise negative impacts on the environment, teamwork is essential through fluid communication channels to ensure the efficient application of the SICME.

– Through good planning for training, we increase the capacity and skills of our employees in the activities they carry out to guarantee our clients’ satisfaction and expectations, product safety and care for the environment.

– In addition to our clients’ requirements, we comply with current legilsation in all our activities, as well as other regulations and requirements the company signs up to.

Grupo Argraf offers its Quality and Environment Policy to anyone who requests it.

ISO 9001
This international standard ensures the correct application of an internal quaity management system, applied to all the departments in the company.
Ecological papers and inks
We have ecological papers, i.e. with a minimum impact on the environment. We also offer inks made from renewable raw materials of organic origin.
FSC® Certified
The FSC® stamp guarantees that the paper used in Argraf comes from forests that are correctly managed in environmental terms.