In Grupo Argraf we are specialists in the manifacture of food product labels in Spain, and absolute leaders in wine bottle labels. 900 million bottles of wine carry the brand of Grupo Argraf.Our ongoing challenge is to improve the existing labels in the market to make them stand out from the rest. To do this, we constantly work on quality, presentation and innovation to help our clients achieve their main objective, i.e. sell their products.


1939: Lucio Torroba started out in the graphic arts sector


Ongoing investment in R&D+i to provide the best printing results


We offer a comprehensive service. Advice on design, printing and finishes


We make every effort to fulfil requirements, both legal ones and those of our clients


Efficient management to reduce negative impacts on the environment as far as possible

Landmark projects

Check out our list of projects completed to see our production capacity and quality finishes.

Grupo Argraf Impresión de etiquetas Lan Privado
Impresión de etiquetas Grupo Argraf Marqués de Cáceres Gran Reserva
Impresión de etiquetas Grupo Argraf Suañe
Impresión de etiquetas Grupo Argraf Sierra Cantabria
Impresión de etiquetas Grupo Argraf 8000 Marqués de Burgos
Impresión de etiquetas Grupo Argraf LAN 7 METROS