The “No limits for your creativity” meeting organised by Grupo Argraf the past 26th and 27th of June joined together the best professionals of current design picture specialized on labels and wine packaging with design young talents, promoting the connexion and exchange of experiences and knowledge.

After the first edition´s success celebrated last October, Grupo Argraf, has reunited again the best figures f wine design in two intense days where collaboration was the key. It was hosted seminars, activities and experiences and knowledge exchanges for the assistants to find new development ways and ideas for their future designs. They were visited Vivanco´s Winery and Museum and the facilities of Ramondin, collaborator of the event along with Arconvert and Infopack.

Logroño, 4th July 2019 – Grupo Argraf the leader enterprise in label impression, hosted the second encounter of specialized designers in wine world. Under the slogan “No limits for your creativity” they were gathered more than fifty professionals and experts from the design world coming from different Spanish cities and out of our borders.

The assistants were able to visit different scenarios related with the wine world in order to promote their imagination and to fuse the art and knowledge of the surroundings along with their work and experience. One of the most special moments because of what happened there, was in Vivanco´s Wineries and Wine Museum (Briones, La Rioja). That´s because if there was  a moment that surely will left a trace in lots of the assistants it was the instant in which students of the Integral Packaging Design for the Food and Wine Industry Master and the speciality of Graphic Design of the ESDIR (Design High School of La Rioja) and the students of the ESI Valladolid (Design High School of Valladolid) got together with professionals from the most important agencies of the sector. A creativity hatching, the present and future of design together under the same roof where at the same time they enjoyed a violin concert, paired by art, music and wine.

Grupo Argraf organizes this creativity meetings focused in the design sector of label and wine packaging in order to put in value all the work that requires a finished product and the agents who take part in this process. This event also wants to reward the agencies and designers for their talent and effort when creating without limits the design which it´s subsequently printed in the workshops of an enterprise with more than 80 years of experience in the graphic arts world.

This way, “No limits for your creativity” consolidates as the reference event for design professionals and students. An extraordinary event which promotes the collaboration, the union of the creative minds looking for a chaining of ideas to “make possible the impossible”.

But one idea without action is just an idea. The concepts need to materialize and there is where we need to thank the event collaborators too, like Ramondin. Javier Echauri, its sales manager for the Spanish market, opened the doors of their facilities in LaGuardia so all the assistants could know the lines where their sealing capsules of wine, liquor and champagne are produced. On the other hand, Christian Gali, Business Development Manager of Arconvert, manufacturer of self-adhesive materials, papers and films presented the latest news in stationery and different applications that they offer to the market thanks to the innovation in its processes and the use the more cutting-edge technologies. And if there is something, we know for sure is that today which is not communicated doesn’t exists. That is why we should follow the present with media such as Infopack, the leader magazine in Spain to the packaging sectors and industrial labelling. There were present its editor Javier Romero, who highlighted the label value for being the element which receives more innovation and creativity.

The meetings ended with a tasting of Ikaro Restaurant dishes, awarded with a Michelin star in an  incomparable atmosphere: the Calado. A 16th-century architectural gem, placed in the heart of Logroño´s old part. An space dedicated to the world of wine and which emanates culture and knowledge that has been passed down over different generations. The perfect scenario to share experiences, enjoy the moment and let the creativity emerge on its own.

Alberto Pérez, sales manager of Grupo Argraf, appreciated the presence of all the professionals which congregated in the event, announcing that there will be more encounters soon. “Without Limits is our slogan and we have made it for sure. This year it has been finished an idea which was born with the only interest of joining together all the designers for their ideas exchange, to put face and body to all those geniuses of design that make us being updated in technology and awake to innovations that keep moving forward”.

This second edition has been a success for having joined together part of the best current national designers along with young students which will bring life to the designs of the future. But specially for having made the main objective: to celebrate with them that the creativity doesn´t (and shouldn´t have) limits. Because, lets remember, that the only limit for creativity is our imagination.

Grupo Argraf
Grupo Argraf is specialized in food label manufacturing and absolute leaders in wine labels. More than 9000 million of bottles wear the Grupo Argraf label and this encounter is a recognition to the team work which requires that a wine goes on the market. During its 80 years of life they have pursued the same challenge: improving the existence labels and get them to differ from the rest. For that, the work constantly in quality, service, presentation and innovation giving answer to the demands of their clients, helping them to be at the forefront and achieve their great purpose: selling more.

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